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US may impose duties on Indian steel imports

The Trump administration may impose an anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty on imports of stainless steel flanges from India citing unfair pricing of these products even as the two countries chalk out a way to resolve their bilateral trade issues. The US Department of Commerce on Monday “determined that exporters from India have sold stainless steel flanges in that country at 19.16-145.25% less than fair value”. It also determined that India is providing countervailable subsidies to its producers of stainless steel flanges at rates ranging from 4.92-256.16%. In 2017, imports of stainless steel flanges from India were valued at an estimated $44 million. Last week, India decided to defer the imposition of higher tariffs on 29 American imports worth $235 million in retaliation to the US move to levy 25% duty on certain steel products and 10% on aluminium products from India. 

Read More at The Economic Times News date : 16 Aug 2018, Thursday

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