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US imposes preliminary anti-dumping duties of over 50% on metal pipes made in India

The US announced hefty preliminary anti-dumping duties on metal pipes (used to transport oil, gas and other fluids) imported from India, China, and four other countries after 6 US pipe manufacturers had filed the anti-dumping complaint with the Commerce Department in January. India has been slapped with an anti-dumping duty of 50.55%. US imports of the pipe from India last year totaled $294.7 million. The other countries are China (132.63%), Greece (22.51%), Canada (24.38%), South Korea (14.97 to 22.21%) and Turkey (3.45 to 5.29%). The US Customs and Border Protection will collect cash deposits from India and the five other importers. However, US will make a final ruling in November on whether the pipe from India and China is dumped into the US market and if the independent International Trade Commission finds that US industry was not harmed from the imports, the duties will be refunded.

Read More at The Economic Times News date : 22 Aug 2018, Wednesday

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