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UIDAI to bring new service for making address update in Aadhaar easy

The UIDAI will start a new service from April 1, 2019 to help Aadhaar holders, who do not have valid proof of residence of their current location to update their address easily, by issuing a letter containing a secret PIN. People staying in rented apartments or migrating labour face problem in updating their address and face issues in availing services for which Aadhaar is required. Under the new system, Aadhaar holders can opt for Aadhaar letter having secret PIN from the UIDAI website in a similar way as bank and credit card companies provide PIN to activate debit or credit cards. At present people are required to fill form and submit any one of the 35 documents mentioned under Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) regulation which include passport, bank passbook, voter ID, driving licence, registered rent agreement, marriage certificate etc. 

Read More at Times of India News date : 2 Aug 2018, Thursday

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