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SBI sees 50% recovery from RBI’s first NPA list

SBI expects to recover half of the stressed assets from the initial 12 large bad loan accounts that were identified for bankruptcy resolution, chairman Rajnish Kumar said. “The recoveries will be around 50% and most banks are holding provisions in excess of 50%. It may differ from bank to bank, but at SBI, our estimate is that we will be able to write back part of the provisions if everything goes well,” Kumar said. 11 out of 12 such accounts are under various stages of insolvency resolution. For the 28 bad loan accounts that were subsequently identified by the RBI for resolution, Kumar expects the recoveries to be less—in the range of 30-35%. According to him, the bad loan recognition process is over and NPAs peaked in March 2018. SBI is projecting a 10% credit growth for FY19.

Read More at Livemint News date : 25 Jul 2018, Wednesday

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