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Petrol almost Rs 85 a litre in Mumbai, crosses Rs 80 in Chennai

The petrol price in Mumbai touched Rs 84.99 a litre on Wednesday while it breached the Rs 80 per litre mark in Chennai being priced at Rs 80.11 per litre, as per data from IOC’s website. Similarly, the price recorded a new high of Rs 77.17 per litre in Delhi and costed Rs 79.83 in Kolkata, almost a five year high. Ever since the dynamic pricing system was resumed on May 14, prices have increased over Rs 2.50 per litre across all metropolitan cities, leading to demands for urgent action by the government to curb the price rise. Diesel prices, which have already reached unprecedented levels, set new records across the country. In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, diesel was sold at Rs 68.34, Rs 70.89, Rs 72.76 and Rs 72.14 per litre, respectively. 

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