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Japan's Kiyou Jochugiku launches a virus repellent card in India

Kiyou Jochugiku, the Japanese company that manufactures insecticides and bath salts, has launched a badge sized repellent to prevent viruses, bacteria and fungus within a one-meter radius. The product contains sodium chlorite and natural inorganic substances which helps in prevention of the virus. The repellant ‘Air Doctor’, which lasts for 30 days, can be worn around the chest or placed in a pocket or bag.  The product provides protection against airborne diseases such as influenza, cold and flu, allergy, H1N1, pneumonia, tuberculosis, recurrence respiratory infections, etc. This product is also advisable to patients living with Asthma, heart disease and diabetics.

Read More at Moneycontrol News date : 1 Jul 2020, Wednesday

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