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HSBC launches online platform MyDeal to raise funds via capital markets

HSBC has launched a new digital platform to simplify capital raising process through capital markets by providing real-time access to information such as investors' feedback, profiles, client orders and deal pricing. The platform is called MyDeal and contains all the information relating to a client's capital markets transaction, and is updated on a real-time basis. In its pilot phase, MyDeal has raised over $25 billion in the first seven months through over 30 transactions globally. MyDeal can be accessed by HSBC's bankers on a tablet or desktop and uses an application programming interface (API) technology to centralize data from multiple channels and presents it using custom-made graphs and visuals. HSBC plans to release the app through the online store for clients to use directly later this year.

Read More at The Economic Times News date : 9 Aug 2018, Thursday

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