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How GST impacts your money!

The government has issued a list of FAQs on the applicability of GST on various services. GST shall be levied upon exit loads charged by mutual funds (whether or not as a fixed percentage). GST will be levied on processing fees charged by bank on takeover of loans. Additional interest charged for default in instalment payment in respect of any taxable supply will be includible in the value of such supply and liable to GST. Besides, late payment of dues on credit card outstanding as well as interest on a finance lease transaction is taxable under GST. Insurance policies issued to Non-Resident Indians are liable to GST where payment is made from non-resident accounts in Indian rupees. Securitisation, future contracts, derivatives and forward contracts in commodities, unless entailing actual delivery of commodities, will however not be liable to GST. 

Read More at The Economic Times News date : 5 Jun 2018, Tuesday

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