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HDFC Bank launches digital loans against mutual funds

HDFC Bank has announced a tie-up with CAMS to launch its digital loan scheme. With this, people can pledge their mutual fund assets online and get the overdraft limit set in their account within three minutes. According to the bank, this product will help customers leverage their mutual fund portfolio to avail funds for any contingencies or emergencies without liquidating their investments or stopping their regular SIPs. This product is available for resident Indians and for portfolios which are individual holdings. One can avail this product on the website of HDFC Bank through net banking facility. Simply one has to log in to myCAMS via the HDFC Bank website and select the MFs it would like to pledge from one’s portfolio. After ticking on the loan terms and conditions (T&C), one has to input the one-time password (OTP). 

Read More at The Financial Express News date : 23 May 2018, Wednesday

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