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Govt's total liabilities rise to Rs 94.62 lakh crore in Jan-Mar FY20

The government's total liabilities increased 0.8% to Rs 94.62 lakh crore at March-end 2020 as compared to Rs 93,89,267 crore at December-end 2019. Public debt accounted for 90.9% of total outstanding liabilities as on March 31, 2020. The overall debt for the government includes debt and liabilities contracted in the Consolidated Fund of India (technically defined as Public Debt) and liabilities in Public Account (where the government is merely acting as a banker e.g. Provident Funds). Public debt can be further classified as internal debt (through issuance of marketable and non marketable securities) and external debt (mostly fixed rate loans).

Read More at The Economic Times News date : 1 Jul 2020, Wednesday

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