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Google startup investments is worth $11 billion

Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent company, for the first time disclosed the fair value of its startup investments it has made over the years and it is worth an astonishing $11 billion. The valuation is based on company estimates after a new rule prompted the company to switch to fair valuation from historical cost reporting. The valuation includes the company’s stake in some of Silicon Valley’s most highly valued private firms, such as Uber Technologies Inc., Airbnb Inc. and Stripe Inc. Last quarter, the company reported the valuation at $7.81 billion. The latest valuation added $3.40 to the company’s earnings per share. Alphabet’s largest stake on paper is likely Uber in which it invested $258 million in 2013 when Uber was valued $4 billion. A recent deal led by SoftBank Group Corp. pegged Uber’s valuation at about $54 billion.

Read More at The Financial Express News date : 24 Apr 2018, Tuesday

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