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Cash-strapped MTNL seeks claims of up to Rs 500 crore from DoT

Cash-strapped MTNL has raised claims of about Rs 500 crore against the Department of Telecom (DoT) under multiple heads, including providing telecom services and reimbursement of employees-related payments made. The claims, currently under examination, reportedly date back to the year 2000-01 and onwards. The settlement of claims is crucial for MTNL, which incurs monthly salary of nearly Rs 180 crore and is yet to pay the wages for the month of January. For 2017-18, the revenue of MTNL - which operates in telecom circles of Delhi and Mumbai - stood at Rs 3,116 crore, with loss of Rs 2,973 crore.  

Read More at Times Now News date : 11 Feb 2019, Monday

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