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4.27 crore e-way bills generated in June

More than 42.7 million e-way bills were generated in June with a total value of Rs 12.4 lakh crore, higher than over 40 million e-way bills worth Rs 11.43 lakh crore generated in March. In April and May, 84.53 lakh (Rs 3.90 lakh crore) and 2.51 lakh (Rs 8.98 lakh crore) e-way bills were generated respectively whereas in February and January, 5.63 crore (Rs 15.39 lakh crore) and 5.61 crore (Rs 15.71 lakh crore) e-way bills were generated. E-way bill is a document required for inter-state movement of goods if the value of the consignment is more than Rs 50,000.

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