Clues by Admin • 23 Jul 2018, Monday
Mutual fund houses do not allow you to reduce your monthly commitments midway in existing SIPs. The easiest way to reduce your monthly SIP commitment is by stopping all or a few of them and re-starting a new one, albeit ... Continue Reading
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Clues by Admin • 17 May 2018, Thursday
Wealth managers say that the recent weakness in markets that have eroded enormous value of equity holdings could be the reason behind investors refraining from systematic investment plans (SIPs). Flows into equity mutual funds through SIPs dropped by Rs 420 crore, ... Continue Reading
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Clues by Admin • 30 Apr 2018, Monday
Anuj Kumar, Deputy CEO, CAMS Asset Management Services said that increasing investor awareness and confidence in mutual funds has led to 1.15 crore new SIP registrations in FY2018, nearly 92% increase over the previous year. He said that monthly SIPs contribution doubled ... Continue Reading
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Clues by Admin • 16 Apr 2018, Monday
Retail Investors are increasingly opting the SIP (systematic investment plans) route to invest in mutual funds with the industry collecting Rs 671.9 billion in 2017-18 while the collections stood at Rs 439.21 billion in 2016-17. The increased interest in SIPs can be ... Continue Reading
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