With many companies facing insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, the new promoters often bring in equity infusion giving them a majority stake anywhere between 50-90%. For instance, the new promoter Vedanta in the Electrosteel Steels will infuse Rs 1,800 crore as fresh ... Continue Reading
What is it? MDR is the service fee that the store/ merchant accepting payments through credit and debit card has to pay to the bank. The MDR compensates the bank issuing the card, the bank which puts up the swiping ... Continue Reading
• Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2017 approved by the Union Cabinet. • The Bill aims to restrain economic offenders from leaving the country.  • Fugitive economic offender defined as any individual against whom a warrant for arrest has been issued ... Continue Reading
In what is also known as a slump sale, the total assets of the business unit are valued together and the business unit is transferred as a whole. It involves the process of transferring set of assets of the company ... Continue Reading
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