About The NewsClues

       As an avid reader of the daily newspaper, Aditya Srinivasan noticed a lack of awareness of current events within the classroom environment. During humanities classes at school, he found that some students were unable to follow and contribute to discussions connecting past events to current news. This seriously degraded the experience and learning those students gained from these classes.

       Aditya, having a younger sister going to elementary school, realized that this disregard for current events stemmed from a young age. After all, most news sources can seem intimidating to younger audiences due to their tough vocabulary and sometimes-inappropriate subject matter. Attempting to tackle this issue at its roots and get kids interested in reading the news, Aditya partnered with Nikhil Somasundaram to found The NewsClues. With this medium, they aimed to provide current news articles tailored to different grade levels to make news understandable for kids while also incorporating challenging vocabulary for students to learn. In addition, reading comprehension, an essential life-skill, would be developed through the questions after each article. Currently, Aditya solely maintains and runs all operations of the website.

       The NewsClues hopes to provide a smooth transition for children into reading news articles on a daily basis, allowing for increased awareness in local, national, and global stories. Using this website as a stepping stone, kids can be eased into reading the news and will be better prepared to tackle full-scale articles in the future.

The News Crew

Aditya Srinivasan

A freshman at UCLA, Aditya co-founded The NewsClues during his senior year of high school and currently runs all operations of the website. Apart from The NewsClues, Aditya is a co-creator of a successfully-funded project on Kickstarter called the Capricorn Pocket Hook. Outside of school and entrepreneurship, Aditya is an avid basketball player and fan. He also enjoys playing the South-Indian Classical drum, the mridangam,  as well as the Western piano.

Contact info: [email protected]