New King of Spain

Spain is a democracy that has both a Prime Minister and a King. This week, King Felipe VI became the new King of Spain. The previous King was his father, Juan Carlos, who had been King of the country for over 40 years. Juan Carlos stepped down because he wanted to give power to a younger generation. Many people are excited for King Felipe VI’s rule, and they believe that he will be a king who will bring the nation together and solve many problems.

Check your understanding:

1. Who became the new King of Spain?

2. Who was the previous King and why did he step down?

Democracy - a government where the people make decisions together

Step down - to give up something

Rule - leadership

King Felipe VI with his family

The World Cup Begins

The World Cup began this past week in Brazil. The World Cup is a soccer tournament where different countries compete against each other for a championship and earn a trophy for their country.  Fans from all over the world travel to Brazil to support their countries, as winning the championship is huge pride for the victorious nation. Every four years, the World Cup is hosted by a different country, and the previous winner was Spain in the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa. This year, however, Spain was eliminated early in the tournament, adding to the excitement of the World Cup.

Check your understanding:

1. What is the World Cup, and where is it happening?

2. Who won the last World Cup, and what happened to that team in this World Cup?

Fans - people who love a certain sport and team

Victorious - winning

Eliminated - to lose and be out of the tournament

World Cup Trophy

The NBA Championship

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The NBA is the National Basketball Association, a set of 30 teams that play basketball against each other. San Antonio won the best-of-7 series by winning 4 games while Miami only won 1 game and became NBA Champion. ABC was the news network that had rights to the NBA Finals. An average of 15.5 million people watched the 5 games in the Finals.

Check your understanding:

1. Which team won the NBA Finals?

2. Which news network had the rights to the NBA Finals?

3. What was the average number of people who watched the Finals?

Defeated - beat

Best-of-7 - whoever wins more games out of 7, wins the series

hampion - the best team

The Spurs won the NBA Champion.

SpaceX's Plan

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, the electric car company, is trying to put humans on Mars. His company is called SpaceX and wants to find a way to have humans on Mars with 30 years. He wants to be able to create a colony on the planet where people can stay. His project will be funded by the public through stocks. He believes that people can be on Mars in 10 to 12 years.

Check your understanding:

1. Who is Elon Musk?

2. What is the name of his company?

Founder - creator

Colony - place for people to live in a new place

Stocks - pieces of his company

Elon Musk